Monday, 14 January 2013

Little darling 7-8months.. :D

30.11.2012: saw my "meat meat" body? :P
30.11.2012: hehe... i got my new play mat... :)
03.12.2012: me... :)
05.12.2012: now i am 7.5 months and i still like mommy milk. mommy hopes to breast feed me til at least 1 year old. if can, 2 years old. :)
05.12.2012: saw my spiky hair... :P
06.12.2012: everyday i am just a happy boy.. *waiting for my breakfast to be served* :D
07.12.2012: mommy, daddy.. i am ready to rock the stage of PISA.. :)
07.12.2012: wohoo... daddy and me won third prize.. *let me taste the hamper first*
07.12.2012: taste not really nice.. i better take picture with daddy first.. :)
07.12.2012: the trophy is so tall... :P
07.12.2012: now is the turn with mommy... :)
07.12.2012: my lucky number 2.. :)
07.12.1012: papa and me on the stage.. :)

08.12.2012: went celebrate papa birthday at Deluxcious restaurant.. :)
09.12.2012: sweet dreams... :)

11.12.2012: hehe... i am eating breads and yogurt.. :)

12.12.2012: small boss is sitting on the big boss chair.. :)

14.12.2012: i like to bite mommy finger... :)

14.12.2012: i finish one whole bowl of pumpkin porridge.. :)

15.12.2012: i went to Fion jie jie birthday party... :) 

16.12.2012: guitar learning session.. :)

16.12.2012: me and my guitar.. :P

17.12.2012: avocado is a healthy fruit.. but i does not like it.. :)

17.12.2012: i am weight lifting with my gym... :)

17.12.2012: oops... i am stuck here... :P

17.12.2012: i am serious in playing my gym.. :)

18.12.2012: i made it jatuh again... :P

21.12.2012: my face kena bitten by ring worm... :(

21.12.2012: my cheek is so red... :(

22.12.2012: Happy dong zhe... :)

22.12.2012: i sit on daddy... :)

24.12.2012: i am eating spagethi on xmas eve... :)

24.12.2012: the spagethi is yummy2... :)

25.12.2012: i celebrated my 8months by bitting my toes.. :) see you all in next month ya.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Birthday Wish from Darling 2012

Dear.. we had been celebrating each other birthday for 6 years as a couple

This is the 7th year

This year we are blessed with presence of him, our you cheng

Dear.. now you are not only a man

but you are a wonderful husband for me,

and a protective daddy for you cheng

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years

and now is the 7th years

i hope there will be "n" years

for both of us to continue

in our lovely family

love is a powerful force

love made both of us strong

love united us

love let us grow old together

i love u, my dear.

thanks for everything

on your 26th birthday

just wanted to say:



Lots of love, Darling and you cheng

cheng cheng 6-7 months... :D

25.10.2012: hi.. i am 6 mths old. hehe... i am 11.5kg, 75cm. :) this month i am going to eat (starting solid food)!!
02.11.2012: i had my first two teeth. but mommy unable to capture it..
03.11.2012: now only i master the skill in turning both side. :)
03.11.2012: with my lovely mommy.. :D
05.11.2012: my first puree: pear! (i does not like it)
05.11.2012: wohoo.. i love my bear bear pillow... :P
05.11.2012: :P
05.11.2012: pumping time... :)
06.11.2012: oops... i am so dirty.. :P
08.11.2012: mommy said i am a good boy.. i play myself while papa, mama still sleeping.. :)
08.11.2012: i able to sit unsupported.. but not so stable... :)
09.11.2012: my favorite puree.. sweet potato! :)
09.11.2012: the day when i start to nap by myself.. :)
12.11.2012: mommy, i cannot finish it... :P
17.11.2012: daddy son.. :) "same size"
17.11.2012: join me? :)
17.11.2012: i am extremely happy!! :)
17.11.2012: am i cute? ;)
21.11.2012: just finish my lunch.. yummy2.. :)
21.11.2012: my favorite.. munch the sarung... it is nicer than food mommy prepared.. :P
21.11.2012: outside got leng luis ler... :P
21.11.2012: oops.. caught by mommy... :P
22.11.2012: my new toy papa bought me... :)
22.11.2012: duck, let me kiss u.. :@
23.11.2012: mommy... save me....
23.11.2012: mommy gonna scold me le... :P
23.11.2012: me and pae yi jie jie... :)
23.11.2012: thanks pae yi jie jie for the star... :)
24.11.2012: papa massaging me... :)
25.11.2012: now i can hands free le... :)
25.11.2012: saw my teeth? hehe... :P
25.11.2012: bye bye... i want to sleep. see you in next post.. :)